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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2012 6:30am-7:00am PDT

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swing right into that wall green's parking lot, they come into the parking lot and back up or they pull directly on. is that my one minute? >> you have 30 seconds. >> my point is we've looked at that restaurant online, i would love to have that restaurant. we talked with fuke, we think he is a good restaurant owner, we worked with howard in the past, the landlord, they are willing to make adjustments, the city is yet to take action and that's what we're looking to have done here, adding the dr, the issue about transportation, about no traffic, incorrect. >> additional speakers in favor of the dr? >> thank you.
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seeing none, the project sponsor? >> thank you for hearing us out, my name's fuke and i'm speaking on behalf of my wife, we own the restaurant for about 8 years now and the whole idea is trying to bring this neighborhood restaurant into a community is like an idea that my father-in-law did, and our business motto was try to be a community and a good business person and try to work out with the community as much as possible, and since we signed the lease in december, 2011, we went to several community meetings and the concern was they want a good restaurant in
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this neighborhood and we heard about it and there was no other mention of any other concerns, so the second thing is like when we did the 30 day notice for the change of use, mrs. park and mr. ken piper sent us a couple of e-mails saying they were concerned and they were willing to file this dr, so we met with them on september 13 to see what we can do to solve this problem, we know it's hard, they have a parking issue and we were willing to do it, why don't we put trees, we don't have these parking curb issues, so that is one of the initial things we took as a big owner and howard chung, the landlord tried to fix this one solution, we try to continue to be a good neighbor, a good
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business model and work with the neighborhood, and i present to you, frank, the designer. >> i'm from asian neighborhood design, my name is frank bomb gardener, we are a non-profit architecture firm and we do community based projects, so i've had the opportunity to work with fuke, they seek to transform a vacant 2 thousand space into a beautiful restaurant, its location is about 100 feet from the mini spot and it's close to residential and commercial backstop ts, it's to cater to cooking needs for easy food access and pickup and it has two fully accessible
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restaurants, and the front of house gives different dining experiences, casual raised seating from the canopy, traditional seating with high ceilings and intimate booth seating totally no more than 50 guests so it's a relatively small restaurant, it's compromised of store front window that is are to maximize transparency, it's to promote safer neighborhoods and businesses as well, we believe this understated yet elegantly designed business will be a nice fit for the neighborhood and it's a good fit. a bit about the fence extending it into the sidewalk, we would like to do that but it's going to have certain implications because it could constrain rights of way, we have to talk
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about encroachment on the sidewalk. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> speakers in favor of the project sponsor? >> good afternoon, commissioners, project manager at oewd, i was the project sponsor responsible were bringing or the project manager responsible for bringing chompa garden to san francisco, i heavily courted the restaurant to come to san francisco, i enjoyed my meals there, what fuke and frank did not touch on, they have been consistently been involved in the community since july of 2011 is when i started to court them, they have been to several community meetings, they have had several conversations with the dr requestors through both e-mails and phone conversations so they have been engaged with the
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concerns, mr. piper brings up the concern with lack of city engagement with the traffic and parking issues and at that meeting on september 13 where i was present, oedw agreed to leading a conversation with mta about the traffic calming measures that we could help to improve in the community, in addition to that, we are working with mta to increase the parking restrictions along faxon avenue to address the access and parking. with that said, this business will be an extreme addition to this community and i would very much love to see it come to the community. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners, my name is
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howard chung, i'm the property owner of 613 faxon and i am the chair of the ocean avenue association, the cbd for the ocean avenue corridor, just a few points, i've been a property owner in the ocean avenue area for 15 years, during that time, i've seen the very slow but consistent improvement in the area, i've been part of the community of property owners, merchants and residents that have worked hard to better ocean avenue. this year, we are pleased to have big changes in the neighborhood with the opening of the chase bank, whole foods and williams paint store and hopefully fresh and easy, there's a buzz on the street that's palpable and i'll go so far as to say we're entering a new renaissance time for ocean avenue. chompa gardens is part of this renaissance, we're talking about converting an empty
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warehouse that was a carpet store and a cannabis grow facility into a neighborhood restaurant, fuke, wynn, and katie chow are the owners, i've been to their restaurant, enjoyed their food and observed their business operations, i grew ufp in the restaurant business and know a bit about the business, khom pa* garden food is good, delicious, they've had write-ups, this is a huge thing for ocean avenue, they've designed -- frank designed a restaurant that's going to be handsome and a big avenue business corridor. i believe that khom pa* garden will be a wonderful asset that will serve our residents but also a destination that will bring some outside money into
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the district. last week, fuke, katie and i met with the concerned applicant in an effort to resolve the issues, [inaudible] was also present, she was extremely helpful. these are the things that got done or at least were pledged. i committed to planting trees in front of my property to address for esthetics and to address the problem of parkers who park up on the sidewalk, that will be a physical barrier, as ocean avenue cbd chair, i've asked that the street be swept up with clean skips twice a week to address the garbage problems, fuke and katie understand their obligations as restaurant owners and will work with the neighborhood in order to address those problems, but the one thing i came away with is these are preexisting problems
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and there's nothing that fuke has done to create these problems and i think he'll address the problems going forward, so i'd like to ask -- fuke is a small business person, he's paying rent still. i ask that you deny the dr request. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hello again, dan weaver, i'm speaking as the executive director of the ocean avenue association, the cbd that just completed its first year of operation on the street, before the cdb was created, i was convinced that the trash on ocean avenue and all over san francisco has been around since the gold rush. i'm not so sure about that anymore but i know we're working on this issue and it's not unique to this location and
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there are some locations that by the grace of mother nature gets the trash and this area particularly seems to be one of those places, i know what they're like, my neighborhoods is like that, the plan to sweep the street is one of -- it's one of its management plan goals, managing the landscape as well as planting wherever we can to improve the situation, i'd also like to mention that when this proposal came to the ocean avenue association board meeting, there was unanimous enthusiasm for the project and for the sponsors and i also think that they're going do -- they're involved, they're interested in the neighborhood, i think they're going be working with us just like they did when they came in and listened to the project, so i
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would also support this project and ask you to deny the dr request. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon again, mary harris, our organization wholeheartedly supports this restaurant coming in. we were part of the ocean avenue revitalization committee which preceded the cbd, and did a neighborhood survey on businesses that the neighborhood would like to see coming in and on the top 5, it always came a nice restaurant. we are in shortage of restaurants and we have to go to noe valley or west portal or somewhere else to have is a nice meal, so this restaurant
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would be within -- i live less than two blocks away from ocean avenue. so, we would welcome them, we have met the owners in community meetings and they have been amenable to any community suggestions for improving. like howard said, the condition -- and ken piper is correct, walgreens cannot been a good neighbor but i don't think we should penalize this new because because of that. i used to talk to the manager when they used to have security and i said why is security just in the store and not going into the parking lot and making sure people are being good neighbors and not illegally parking and i would never really get a good response and i never saw any results of those conversations. now i don't see any security at all, but it is a problem, but
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it's caused by walgreens, i hope this restaurant can come to our neighborhood, we've had so many vacancies and we're finally doing a turn-around, we had block bluster, we had right aid and safe way leave and note bank and we're finally changing, we finally have a bank, we finally have a grocery store, to have this restaurant, this would be great, deny the dr and let this go forward and let them work with the neighbors and make sure this is a success for everybody. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> hello again, al harris, i used to go out once a month and sweep ocean avenue because we didn't have anybody else to do it so we formed a group to keep the street going and now it's unbelievable the changes i've seen over the years and i'm in favor of this restaurant, the only thai restaurant around is over in xels sore. the parking lot is full, when i come out, i see people walking from other places to the parking lot to get their car because they've used it to go
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everywhere, i can understand the poor people across the street because when the ambulance comes, they park wherever they want to so it's not really the fault of any restaurant that's going to go in there, they need to manage the parking lot algt better, so i hope you will support this. thank you. >> thank you. >> hi, my name's shirley lema, i'm a board member of the ocean avenue association, the cbd for the corridor, i mainly support this because i have an economic interest and i think it's highly [inaudible] and my experience having the thought of the cbs on ocean avenue, it's been a good experience. in the past when blockbuster was empty, the store front was a magnet for crime and
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graffiti, people were dumping trash there and it seemed the longer it stayed empty, the more trash there was, so i think it's kind of the opposite problem. i think once you have a business there, there's more eyes on it and there's more care being care of. i mainly came here to talk about what it's like to be a resident or a property owner living above a large business like ces, they're been great proprietors, they have longer operating hours and you don't hear a lot of noise, it's expected there's going be trash, noise and less parking and all that, really the only thing we hear is the bar in the muni, so i want to say that there's been a lot of care in
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talking about making sure the noise stays at a level that's good for the neighbors and i support this business because i think everyone's trying to make this work. the other thing that was of concern is i didn't hear -- and it's possible because ms. packet turned her comments in written, we didn't know what she wanted in that space if it wasn't a restaurant and i think that would be helpful to get some feedback from the residents as well. so, and the other thing i wanted to say was i think that residents also have to be responsible for some of the things that go on. we can't expect people to be there all the time monitoring the trash. as a responsible resident, i pick up the phone, call 311 when there was a mattress right o*its uts outside, and you say there's trash there, but i just feel like everyone needs to do their part, that it can't just be on all these property
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owners, so in short, it would be great if we could support khom pa* garden coming into our neighborhood, thank you. >> any further speakers in support of the project? seeing none, ms. pack, you have a two minute response or you can appoint someone to speak for you. >> i have a problem parking sometimes the incoming car, make scratch, people i don't know and i worry about these people, 9:00, the noise, so i concerned about that and also they're going to sell alcohol,
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somebody smoke -- just throw in front of my house, so a lot of trouble actually now but i worry when they come, it's more worse. >> yeah. >> so, even i don't speak english good but i coming today. >> okay, thank you. >> project sponsor, you have a two minute response. >> most of the concern is on the paper that we agreed upon, so i'm going to turn this in. so, we talked about it over the meeting and on september 13th, there was noise concern and litter and we came up with like a short-term goal and a long-term goal, so right over here, can we zoom it?
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i guess i'll read it out. so, for the noise, it's like the concern was potential noise from patron who gather around the restaurant and noise pr the patron at the avenue bar, so the immediate goal was to have the patron wait at the cafe for the takeout and we'll implement an alcohol cutoff time limit, the long term is engaged with like business on a good neighborhood policy with cbd and then the second issue was the litter, the cigarette butts and the short term is we'll try and increase crash pickup on the southbound going on with cbd and i'll have my staff come out and look at the trash and
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pick it up and make them do it if need be. and also we'll try to blast down the sidewalk weekly if it needs to be because that requires a lot of work also bringing heavy equipment with a power washer so if we need to do that, we'll do it. that's all. thank you. >> thank you. >> okay, the public hearing portion is closed. commissioners? commissioner sugaya? >> yes, i'm the one who made the suggestion, that suggested extending in the fence, asian neighborhood design, can i have a little conversation here, i didn't mean that you needed to go and encroach on anything, it was just to see -- it's hard to tell from some of these pictures just how far out it comes, so i'm suggesting maybe it go to the property line. >> it extends further beyond the property line. >> okay, then never mind.
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>> it extends about four or five feet beyond the property line and it still leaves about 7, 6 clearance for public right of way. >> i thought the property line came out to where the hedges were, they were apparently in the public right of way next door. i thought the hedges on the dr requestor's property came out to the property line. >> yeah, it goes out beyond to roughly about where the fence is. >> never mind then. second question, i suggested to mr. smith that consideration be given to moving the door further toward ocean avenue, i don't know if that's feasible. >> it does have some implications, it messes up the functionality of the space and the layout we have, it's something we could look at but more importantly, where it's at right now, it's at its most level point and that was a big hurdle to go over with the
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mayor's office on disability, so they encouraged us to put it right nr the middle where it was most level. >> and two things, one, i think if -- we can require the street trees, right? >> i need you to speak into the microphone. >> sorry, the street trees as i understand they're proposing are across the street, not in front of -- >> that's what i believe i heard during the public testimony. >> well, howard would know for sure. >> i thought they were in front of the restaurant. >> i thought they were in front. >> i already signed a contract with friends of the urban forest, they're going be on the property side but we'd like to get trees on the walgreens side as well. >> i think we should take dr and acquire the trees.
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>> on their side. >> on their side. >> i don't think we can plant trees on walgreens side, and lastly there's an existing curb cut, is that going to go away? >> currently, that's staying, but we haven't gone through bsn's review yet, it could require us to fill that. >> can we make that a condition here or not or is that somebody else's problem? >> i'm just thinking if the curb cut goes away, then it appears as though there's another place to park. people tend not to park along curb cuts, some people do, but, you know, -- >> the curb cut was going be removed as part of the project. when the driveway is no longer active, the planning requires the curb cut be removed. >> so, we don't have to include
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that? >> no. >> i'll move to approve the project with the addition of the street trees in front. >> second. >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you, i'm familiar with this area, i live about a mile to the west and i'm happy to hear that things are getting better on ocean avenue, i noticed the change that is are occurring and i'm glad to hear they're welcoming a bank in there, which maybe they'll get for a while and start to add to the economic vitality, i know this is a grtransitional site which is always hard because you've got ocean avenue which is obviously commercial and then you have the residential street that is are entirely residential and then there is this one site that is a transition between ocean avenue and the residential so it makes it tough and the walgreens
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across the street to which would be the residential area makes it worse and i think part of the conditions are, you know, maybe project sponsors or somebody should work with walgreens to try to mitigate some of the problems a little bit there, it's not their problem but it would be helpful if the neighbors and the sponsor because we all win if we clear up some of these traffic problems. one of the problems for those unfamiliar with the area is there's no real passage way that's a clear street to go north from ocean to monterey and faxon is one closest to that although it's a residential street but everybody starts to cut through there a lolt of the times because the other streets become more truncated and involve more turns whereas faxon which is a great street with a gateway on the other end of it and potentially some
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beautiful homes, some of them are a little in disrepair but they're starting to get better again because it's an area that could become desired in the near future and i think a restaurant that goes in could be one of the good things, of course hays valley where there was one restaurant, but i think this could be a beginning of a real renaissance and i think it's a good thing but they do have to work on some of these suggestions that i saw on the street here, some suggestions of the street trees which are part aof the motion is of course important and some speed bumps along there wouldn't be a bad idea, i'm not saying it's a condition but it would slow down people who use faxon as
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their cut-through, and when the cars are parked on both sides of faxon, it makes it a narrow street so it's a little dangerous going through there, and the other things they talked about was power washing which i think is a great idea. i think we need power washers in all parts of san francisco almost, the sidewalks are continuously messed up. i'm not sure why, it seems to be unusually worse than other places i go to, so that may be something we need to look at in global terms and some other thing that is


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